Saturday, 8 June 2013

Twisty buns for curly hair ♡ SEARCH FOR HEATLESS CURLS

So while I was waiting for my strawberry curlers (review coming soon) to arrive, I was being impatient and decided I wanted to try and figure out if I could curl my hair without heat. I think I'm gonna start a series of posts called "search for heatless curls" as I hate using heat on my hair but I love how my hair looks curly.

 I've previously done pin-curls, but being lazy as I am I decided I'd give it a go with two buns rather than lots of little swirls.
The only things I used were bobby pins
I know everyone knows what bobby pins are, but I've included a picture to let you know that these ones suck and you should not get them

This is my hair naturally and already dry

I did two spiral buns on the side of my head (I only got a good picture of one). I just twirled my hair around until it naturally started to form a bun then used bobby pins to put it in place. I purposely twirled my hair away from my face rather than towards. 
I then used a spray bottle with water in to dampen the hair; I think if I do it again I would do it on already damp hair

I think I slept on these and it wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but not awful either.

When I took them out I was left with a very relaxed, messy and uneven curl: 

One side had a kink from the bun

It was a bit mental at the back

To disguse the kinks and wildness I put on a headband (from H&M) which worked nicely

As much as I liked how it looked, I unfortunately forgot to put hairspray on so the curls fell within a day. As I said before, if I were to do it again I would do it on damp hair; I think it would help the curls work better.

Overall I think these are a decent, cheap and non-damaging way to get curls. I've only experimented with this once but I think if I practiced I could get the curls a bit neater - but like any wet to dry hairstyle you never really know until the end. 

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