Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ranger 301 Black Matte Goth Boot

This tale began about 2 months ago when grav3yard girl posted this picture on her instagram and I feel in love with these shoes:

I went on the website she said she got them from, and basically they were a ridiculous amount of money along with P+P from the US, so I weeped and decided against it. Plus to me the person selling them looked like she'd bought a pair of shoes, stuck flowers on them then was reselling them, which made me begin my hunt for the original shoe (especially as she shortly after removed her version of the shoe from her website).

THEN, I have no idea how, about a week ago I came across them on Xtremefootwear, I have no idea how I came to be there but I FOUND THE SHOES!! Me being me, now finding out the actual name of the shoe I continued to search the entire internet to see if I could find them cheaper anywhere else, ALAS I could not (although they were cheaper from American websites, the P+P made them ridiculously more) so I decided that £64.49 (reduced from £85.99) + £5.99 P+P (boo P+P) was the best deal I was gonna get. It was around midnight when I got them and basically do not let me anywhere near shopping websites around midnight because all thoughts of savings and budgets for whatever reason are forgotten and SHOES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!!!! (I have since put myself on a clothes/shoes/accessories ban for at least a month, and so far it is going well.)

Xtremefootwear describes them as "3.5 inch heel, Lace up gothic boots, PVC matt finish" and Demonia describes them as "Ranger 301 are a gothic black matte style with laces up the front and chunky 3 1/2" heel and platform". I don't know why they both fail to mention they have a zip up on the inside, especially as in the picture they use it doesn't show one - the only reason I knew/assumed there was is because of grav3yard girls picture as well as searching the shoe on the internet which showed other angles.

The boots:

They arrived this morning and in my Christmas pajamas proceeded to put them on and they are GREAT.  Admittedly at first they were slightly difficult to walk in, simply because they're such a big boot/platform, a style of shoe I've never owned or walked in before; but once I started tottering around I got the hang of it. I haven't yet worn them further than my back garden and am slightly worried about the reactions I will get from people, but since when did other peoples opinions matter?

Unfortunately not real leather, but if they were they'd be a whole lot more money. I'm a UK size 5 and with socks on they fit pretty well, not quite true to size, maybe slightly larger and more like a 5 and a half, but being big boots that go up your leg it doesn't matter too much as they stay on. I have fairly normal/narrow feet and I think if you were someone with slightly wider feet you'd be alright in these.

Overall, I love them and am considering putting my own flowers on them like the picture, but for now I'll leave them alone.

Clara xx

Lookbook featuring boots:

Spring Lookbook video featuring boots:

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Directions, Stargazer, Manic Panic, Crazy Colour & Special Effects Comparison & Review

How well a dye works is gonna depend on certain things: what colour your hair was before, what colour you're making it and your specific hair type. If you're reading this I'm gonna assume you know, but I'll point it out anyway: if you're going to dye your hair an unnatural colour and expect it to be as bright as my hair below, the colour needs to be going over a BLONDE. Preferably as white as possible, which is not what I always did hence uneven results. 
I'm super non-picky with how a dye lasts, like I don't mind it fading in loads of places and being uneven or whatever as long as it's still there after 3 washes.
The dye I've mostly used is Directions, simply because the amount of product and the price work it out to be best value for money, and I like their colour range.

Generally, I've liked almost every dye and every colour I've used including:

Lagoon by Directions

Peacock Blue by Crazy Colour

Turquoise by Directions
First dyed
Fading (not fully faded)
Purple Haze (Amplified) by Manic Panic
First Dyed
Fading (not fully faded)
Napalm by Special Effects/FX
First Dyed
Plume by Stargazer
First dyed (it wasn't quite as dark as this but no camera would show the colour properly)

As well as a couple of different stargazer ones when I had brown hair with coloured bits

Generally, I probably like Directions best. The texture of the product isn't too watery nor too thick, I like that it's in a pot so I can get all the product out, it lasts alright, but all of the dyes are semi permanent so none are gonna last perfectly. The way it fades is also something I like, unless the blonde underneath was patchy, it fades altogether and not tooooo patchy (see faded turquoise above).

Stargazer is another favourite, the only reason I don't get it is because I don't like the packaging and there's less product in them than Directions. It lasts well but the only reason I went for it over directions with my purple this time is because I've heard it washes out of hair completely which is what I want (which so far I'm not seeing..) One thing I can say is that it remains vibrant, although my purple hair has faded, it's still bright and not as dull as purple haze by manic panic was when that faded.

Manic Panic: I've only used the amplified version which is supposed to last longer. I used purple haze, purple generally being a colour that is notorious for fading; in comparison to the stargazer purple I currently have, I don't think the "amplified" part is worth the extra money. I did/do love the colour of purple haze though, but I do feel like stargazer is lasting better. The physical consistency of manic panic is slightly more watery than directions - not to say it's runny or anything, just a tad thinner. The packaging of Manic Panic is also something I like, it's in a pot like Directions but a bigger pot - but considering in England the majority of the time you have to buy it online and it is pricey, I don't think it's better than Directions.

Crazy Colour, I found pants. The picture above shows it's already fading, I put it in before going on holiday to France for 2 weeks and it had faded by the end of the holiday - and not nicely. Dull, nasty shades of blue and bits of white everywhere. I'd understand if I went to a hot part of France, where the sun would've bleached it and it'd be understandable, but it wasn't. It was English Spring/Summer weather, not enough to cause it to be as bad as it was. But, referring to my original point, I have a friend who could not for the life of them get fish bowl by crazy colour out of their hair. It remained even, consistent and bright for them even when they bleached/stripped/shoved lemon juice in it; hair type and original colour makes a difference.

But what do you think? What are your experiences? Have I helped you in your wonderful weird hair journey?

Clara xx