Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tangle Attack Hairbrush - Tangle Teezer Dupe?

So the original Tangle Teezer retails for about £10 which frankly for me is a ridiculously amount for a hair brush. I have however been really interested in it for about a year now since my friend online recommended it and says how she loves it. I've also seen youtubers loving Tangle Teezer style brushes, saying they'd found random dupes on the internet.

Finally someone about a week ago was talking about how they keep their hair in good condition, one of their points being how they have invested in a good hair brush. I'd never thought of this concept before, but it makes sense so I figured I'd give it a go. They didn't actually mention what type of brush they use but I decided that this was the point I wanted to actually search for some sort of Tangle Teezeresk brush, coming across various different things, but this one catching my eye the most:
I got this from ebay seller shop4allsorts for £3.99, who sold all the colours (purple, pink and black) at the same price, whereas the others I had seen sold purple and pink for more then the black (and I wanted purple but refused to pay more haha). It actually says they choose the colour at random but I messaged the seller asking to have a purple if possible which they said was fine.

The outside packaging is, in my opinion, a bit much for such a small product; however I do like knowing no one's had their grubby fingers all in my hair brush. I've touched the Tangle Teezer in store as they have a little hole where you can touch it, and I THINK (don't quote me on this) these bristles may be a tiny TINY bit stiffer than the Tangle Teezer.

It comes with a case you can keep it in, which I believe only the flower pot (£10.99) and compact (12.25) Tangle Teezer offer. Although when I first saw this lid/case thing I thought it was a bit pointless, now I think about it it's quite handy for things like travelling; the bristles won't get squished and if something spills in my bag it won't go all in the bristles. Unlike the Tangle Teezers compact, the lid fully covers the bristles.
The case/lid thing also includes a tiny mirror... which is, nice I guess?

The shape is actually something I really like, I've never owned a hairbrush without a handle however the curvature of this product fits really nicely into the hand.

The bristles alternate between long and short, they also give a kind of massaging effect when it's on your head which I really like. It gets my hair smooth and knot-free really quickly and without pain; it also doesn't leave my hair static which is a big plus.

Overall I really like it and it feels pretty sturdy so hopefully it won't break any time soon.

(My camera has shown the purple colour as more of an indigo, the bottom picture probably represents the colour best but I recommend looking at the professional pictures online for a better colour reference.)

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