Tuesday, 14 August 2012

MUA Undressed Palette Vs. Urban Decay Naked Palette

Recently I've been looking up products and things to feature in my giveaway on my youtube channel in the near future. As a result of this I found the MUA Undressed Palette, which was cheap (£3 at the time of purchase, £4 usually, bought here) which I've seen great reviews on so decided to try myself as well as get one to giveaway. 

It wasn't until I had used the palette one or two times when I realised the similarity between Shade 3 and Naked by UD. I then continued to see the similarity between Shade 1 and Virgin as well as Shade 2 and Sin before I decided to get my UD Naked Palette out to have a look.

Side by side I realise just how similar the colours are:

I didn't really know how to feel about this, the fact the colours are basically identical and even in the same order, except one palette is £36, the other £4. Although I might add, the UDNP also comes with a Good Karma Shadow Brush (originally it came with a double ended 24/7 liner pencil) and a mini Primer Potion. The MUA Undressed Palette comes with a double ended sponge brush.

Before I had even noticed the similarity between the two, I noticed how creamy and well pigmented the MUA Undressed Palette is. I decided to do swatches to see if there was any significant difference:

I'd firstly like to apologise for the quality of the photo, I understand it's not the clearest of all but it's the best I could do.

Side by side and doing the swatches straight after each other, I definitely feel like the UDNP colours are more pigmented, slightly creamier and easier to swatch, however that doesn't mean the MUAUP is much below it. You can easily build up the colours and for £32 difference that's not something I mind doing.
The colours are also pretty much the same, perhaps Shade 6 is a little yellower than Half Baked, and Shade 11 is a bit bluer than Creep, but from what I can tell they are basically the same palette in difference containers.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret buying the Naked Palette, I bought mine well over a year ago, have loved it ever since and have used it almost daily. I just feel like 'drugstore' standards are getting so high recently that I don't know if I'll need to purchase something high end again.

You can purchase the MUA Undressed Palette here
And the Urban Decay Naked Palette here.

Clara xx