Saturday, 10 March 2012

Color trend kiss 'n' go lipstick swatches and short review

I saw in the Avon Catalogue that they had a "buy one get two free" offer on these color trend lipsticks, resulting in me buying six for £7 (£3.50 for one). Since buying these I think they have discontinued berry pink, so I do apologise. I'm not a massive lipstick wearer but I still really love them.
Firstly the packaging, nothing spectacular, quite cheap looking, plain and simple.

In these arm swatches below, I have only swiped once however I have found that these lipsticks are easily buildable, which you will see in my lip swatches.
I find the formula in all of these are really nice, all moisturising and not dry at all.

Swatches on arm:

Swatches on lips:

Clara xx