Friday, 28 October 2011

Avon Haul 28/10/2011

Currently my laptop isn't working so I can't edit videos to put on my channel, so I'm taking this opportunity to blog more!

Today my order from Avon arrived (which I have made a video about but who knows when I'll be able to get it up) so here's some pictures, swatches and my first thoughts. I apologise for the quality of the pictures and the colours are a bit off as I have no source of editing them to make them accurate.

Lilac Shimmer, Twinkle Pink and Sparkling Warm Rose
Black Professional kohl eyeliner

Firstly the lipsticks.
Left to right: Lilac Shimmer, Twinkle Pink and Sparkling Warm Rose


Lilac Shimmer
Immediately when I removed this from the packaging I said wow to myself! The marble effect is beautiful and eye catching. I personally bought this colour because I love the look of purple lipstick but I'm nowhere near brave enough to go out wearing it. This lipstick is moisturising and quite sheer, which is perfect for me. You can build it up to create a more intense look but nothing too dramatic.

Twinkle Pink
This one isn't so amazing when you take it out the box, but I think it is a nice colour that would suit a lot of skin tones. It's definitely less orange than it looks in the picture, it's more like a purpley shade of pink with a slight hint of orange. A nice consistency that isn't drying at all. It's quite a bit more pigmented than Lilac Shimmer too.

Sparkling Warm Rose

This lipstick is so pretty and again, the picture is a lot more orange than it really is. This looks more like a subtle hot pink (if that's possible) with tiny beautiful specks of orangey/gold glitter and shimmer. Like Lilac Shimmer, it's very moisturising and quite sheer but able to be built up. It's a colour that looks both subtle and natural on the lips but also eye catching and bold.

Jillian Dempsey Professional Kohl Eyeliner - Black
 I bought this eyeliner because I bought one like this about a year ago and I really liked it. I use kohl eyeliners for my waterline only so I apologise that my opinions will be based on this. The original one I tried (as far as I can remember) lastest a long time on my waterline and was a good, true black colour.

For those of you who do use kohl for their top lid, the smudger brush may be of interest to you. It's a thick rubbery material that's sturdy but flexible. The old smudger was attached over the pencil which after a while came off (which I slipped back on) and I also felt it wasted some of the pencil. This new one is attatched in a way that doesn't use up any of the pencil.
New one on the left, old one on the right
I haven't yet used this eyeliner on my waterline, but once doing the swatches and washing my hands thoroughly with soap and water there was still a mark where it had been.


Left to right: Lilac Shimmer, Twinkle Pink, Sparkling Warm Rose.
Left eyeliner was a simple line, the second was the same line smudged with the smudger.

Clara xx

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