Sunday, 23 December 2012

Yesterday, I went to a Christmas meal at my grandma's wearing the playsuit above.
It comes in wine red or black, however I believe both are now sold out (boo, I wanted the red). Although it is an extortionate amount of money for such a small piece, I do love how it looks.
My complaints would be about the back of the piece, which I have not shown here. It has the most awkward way of being put on and taken off, including two separate clasps on the mid and high back (which I am awful at explaining) as well as a zip on the shorts. This trio makes it almost impossible to go to the toilet/get dressed/get undressed on your own (as if normal playsuits weren't hair enough)! I'm considering sewing some elastic into the back so I can slip it on and off instead.

Oh well, beauty is pain and all that.

Clara xx

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